Jesus is alive!

Jesus is alive!
When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere, light and life are released, and darkness and death FLEE!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Jesus is alive!
Hello to all of you who read my HolySpiritWind blog!
I am done putting all of the content on the HSW blogspot website to a different HSW wordpress website. I will leave the current HSW blogspot up but all new messages from the Lord will be put on the new site.
The reason I am doing this is because the Holy Spirit has been warning me that Google and Facebook will be one of the first ones to do away Christian content deeming it to be "malicious", "hateful" and "dangerous".
I have been having problems with both of these venues already.

Here is the link to the new Holy Spirit Wind site:

Also here is a link to the new Whistleblower Jeff site:

Blessings, love and peace to you all in the name of Jesus!