Jesus is alive!

Jesus is alive!
When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere, light and life are released, and darkness and death FLEE!

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Blood of Jesus will Eclipse your Sin if you Repent and let Him In

Received 8-21-17 

I heard these word from the Lord upon awakening this morning.

 as you look to the sky today and ponder the eclipse of the sun, will you not ask yourself why I have caused it to happen this day? 
Am I not the Creator and have I not set the heavenly bodies into motion?
It was not by chance that everything has been created and deep down in your hearts you know this.
Nothing can come for nothing and everything comes from I AM.

This once was a nation that feared Me and followed My ways but now there is but a remnant who do.
These you will persecute, revile and wrongly accuse very soon but know this, I AM watching you.
There is nothing that escapes My sight! 
I see your wicked hearts and evil schemes.

Today as the darkness falls upon America from coast to coast, I tell you this is a symbolic marker of the darkness of the many judgments even now coming upon America.
I have warned you over and over again and you harden your hearts ever more.
My judgments come to show you that you need Me and so you may repent of your great sin.
I know who will break and cry out for My mercy and I know those who will stiffen their necks and not turn to Me. Now all shall know!

America, as you look at the sun today and see how truly small you are;
will you not also look to My Son and know that by Him it was  created.
The blood of Jesus will eclipse your sin if you repent and let Him in.

Do not delay!
Today is the day of salvation.
You are not promised tomorrow!

I love you!

Your Heavenly Father"


  1. Confirmed -
    Lord, Please be merciful to America, I have had many good Yank mates and still do, lardboy in Los Angeles and johny in Florida etc. The United States is a son of Great Britain and together we have been good mates despite those earlier fallings out. You have used us with our empire in the past to promote the Gospel and of recent America has held that mantle but we have both strayed far from you, we have tolerated things that you hate and replaced your Son with false idols/gods in the name of diversity. We have double crossed Israel and as nations we give you lips service. Forgive us Lord. In Britain you have brought many to our shores from empire nations and it is those that now preach the Gospel rather than us. Thank you for bringing them. You have a remnant in both nations Lord, do not destroy us yet, help us reflect Jesus in our homes/communities/workplaces, help us contribute to the Gospel whether it be by proclaiming, praying or financially supporting those on the front line, help us play our part and bring salvation to both peoples. Nothing is impossible for you, we know judgement is coming but save millions of Brits and Yanks Lord. Give wisdom and courage to our leaders,Americas already has some but our doesn't, give them courage and direction Lord in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. Tommy - The Lord will be merciful in His judgments. Several months ago I prayed and asked Him to be merciful in His coming judgments. He responded in the way He so often answers our prayers, in such a way that we know that it Is from Him. He said, "I will not, not be merciful in my judgments." Simply put, "I will be merciful." But His anger will burn against many.

    2. Amen Greg, the judgments are coming no matter what at this point but He will show mercy to all who cry out to Him but most will not cry out to Him.
      Joel 2:32 And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the Lord Shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, As the Lord has said, Among the remnant whom the Lord calls.

    3. Amen Greg mate, millions are gonna end up brown bread and we need to be praying for our fam, neighbours, workmates. Jesus said 'Pray the Lord will send more labourers into the fields cos they're ripe for harvest' lets al ask him to send loads out and to prepare the hearts of the listeners beforehand. When you go to bed tonight pray for every person who is going to pop their clogs while your asleep, may the Lord speak to each of them giving them anawereness of their mortality and need for him. Amen chaps.

    4. Tommy does pop their clogs mean to take off their shoes to go to bed? If it does I understand what you are saying if not please explain.
      God Bless you!

    5. Sorry mate, die. I often pray that the Lord who knows every person who is going to die before I wake up in the morning, that he would speak to every one of them and rescue them. I was once praying this and had a picture come to my mind of a big waterfall with a torrent of water going over the edge into a massive drop into the abyss but while I was praying little lights were rising up out of the water into the sky just before they got to the edge

    6. God just showed you a mystery. I do pray for those appointed to die too.

    7. OH wow I missed this comment yesterday Tommy that is an awesome revelation! Our prayers are so powerful I pray for the people around the world, that do not know Jesus. That is a great idea to pray for those about to die and that Jesus would reveal Himself to them. If we really understood how powerful our prayers were we would pray more. Tommy and Brian, I can't wait to see how many souls were saved by your prayers!
      Love and peace brothers!

  2. Thank you Tommy
    Blessings, love and peace to you bro!

  3. Good Morning Jeff - I pray that people will take this message and consider it wholeheartedly. I have one of my 'feelings' like I did before 911. It's strange, I have to get out today and run errands just like I did on that morning. I believe things are going to change suddenly very soon, if not today, and my prayer is that people won't turn against God when things do! Thanks for all of your perseverence in these messages. I keep passing them on hoping that it will wake up somebody!

    1. Yes Nancy, I have that feeling too and I believe the kick off is not far off, but we just don't know. Just be ready and stay ready...
      Love and peace sister.

  4. Today after sundown starts the 40 days of repentance up to Yom Kippur. The only thing that will stand is the spoken and lived living Word of God.

  5. Thank you Brother Jeff~ Good morning...The feeling I am getting is the calm right before the storm. Just yesterday I was witnessing to my dad who lives in Gainesville, FL and I was telling him what was on the horizon about Obama being the Antichrist. He asked if we were in a cycle and he said civil war in here. I explained to him that this is not just another cycle that we are in but to look to Jesus and how many animal and fish life are dying around us due to the sins of man... Hos 4:3 Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls (ofe - birds) of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. My dad then asked what about which Bible and so many versions written by man. I shared with him how the Vatican and the Illuminati have written their own Bibles to justify their sins like the Queen James Bible and the Satanic Bible. I said Dad you can trust the Bible that I sent to you; it was inspired by the hand of God. I shared with him what is to come and I told him please call upon the name of Jesus, read the Bible versus out loud these will chase away the demons For man's weapons will not fight what is to come upon this earth. I had to go easy on him since he has heart complications. I let him know that he is my prayers. I told him all must repent from their sins and turn to our one and only creator. He did not understand all the focus on the eclipse. I was able to share with him God's Judgment on our Nation. He then said I hope that you are right. I said Jesus is leading this conversation call upon him when things happen since I live on the West coast. God Bless in Jesus name, love, peace, and blessings. A Goshen around all of us... in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord a Savior.

  6. Sherri, I have family who is like your dad and I have been praying that their eyes be opened but I believe they will not until the judgments begin and they are effected personally. That is why what is here must come and there will not be very many warnings to follow.
    BTW Sherri did you see that another ACC ran into a merchant ship near Singapore? If not the story is on WBJ...
    Blessings love and peace to you my dear sister!

  7. Thank you and many blessings to you my Brother Jeff~ Long days at work. It is our Fiscal Year End crunch and we are swamped. I totally agree with you that our family members and others will not believe until Judgment is right in front of them. What a merciful God we serve that he would do this; so that none would perish; if it was possible.

    Wow, I could not believe another USS Navy Ship. USS John S. McCain!!!

    The last time this happened to the USS Fitzgerald back in June.... the Lord had me in tears right after I had left work (the evening before) it took place. Jesus was telling me to pray for souls! I had not cried that hard since the (OKC Bombing vision) the Lord gave me an overwhelming urge to pray and I was on my knees hearing OKC and seeing a bomb go off in a Federal Building the day before it happened. the Lord was telling me to pray for people... that was all.... and massive tears were flowing down the afternoon before the Bombing of the OKC Building.

    Same with the USS Fitzgerald the night before it happened... I was leaving work and could not get out of the building fast enough to hold back the massive tears that were coming down. I did not want anyone to see me because I could not explain the downpour of tears and I would not know what to tell them. I just remember hearing the Lord say pray for lost souls and then I asked when something would happened and he gave me the time this event occurred but no other details.

    Interestingly enough, a few weeks the USS Fitzgerald incident occurred.... me and other co-workers were taking time to go up to the Chapel on base to pray for all of the men/women on all of the US Navy ships. It was shortly thereafter that the USS Fitzgerald crashed into a cargo ship. It was that Monday after the accident occurred that I went back to work to hear the horrific details of the water filling up the rooms like the Titanic, so hard to bear.
    I go back to work tomorrow. I will find out if they have any more details that I can share with you and this blog. One of the speculations as of today... is that maybe China or another country has electronic capabilities to override the Navy ships control command ( shutting it down somehow).

    Anything possible with all of the Technology today. This is not by chance and the Lord is allowing the once so called, Great America to fall apart ( Babylon Falling) before our very eyes. God bless, love and peace always. Sister Sheri. I will post more as I get more details. Back to work tomorrow. May The Mighty Warrior Angels surround all of us with their swords drawn.

  8. Yes sister Sherri, we would love to hear of any updates that you can give us about the USS John S. McCain. There is definitely more than meets the eye here! We must all remember that this had never ever happened before June of this year and now it has happened twice.
    I have had though of a directed emp weapon or that someone might be taking control of the ships remotely...

    Blessings,Love and peace Sherri

  9. Amen Brother Jeff~ Yes, something is definitely happening like you said EMP or someone taking control. I will pray that Jesus lead me to someone at work that can shed some more light on this for us.

    By the way, me and my husband just got done watching Babylon USA Movie tonight on DVD. It was very good and I am going to pray over the DVD and send it to my brother who is a Freemason. I pray this open his eyes. I did not know that there is a section that exposes the Freemason in Washington DC in this movie. This made me cry because I was with my brother when he was innocent before he found a way to join them. At first he was just curious. But, then took the plunge. I did not know enough about it at that time but have been warning him ever since and praying he denounce their witchcraft oath. I was born in District of Columbia and raised in Washington DC. So, glad the Lord led me to leave Washington DC when I was old enough. I was crying because my Dad was the last one to leave there a few years ago to move to Florida. I thank God he strategically moves us. Our Mighty Savior. God Bless you in Jesus name Blessings, love and Peace Brother Jeff.

    Babylon USA DVD Tailer & Review