Jesus is alive!

Jesus is alive!
When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere, light and life are released, and darkness and death FLEE!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I have Special, Specific Instructions that I Want to Tell Each One of You

2-24 and 2-25-17

My dearly beloved remnant/bride;
You need to come before Me more often into the quiet, hidden, secret place, alone with Me and no one else. I want you to enter into deep worship. Yes, you may play some soft music to aid you in entering into to the holy of holies.  Beloved, I want you to be here with Me!
This is where I AM! No evil can enter in here.
I desire only worshippers that worship Me in Spirit and in truth.
This is the closest place to heaven that you have here on earth.
It is not enough for you to speak to Me as you go about the tasks of your busy day.
I want special one on one time with you!
Am I not your first love? Am I not the one you claim to live your life for?
You will not regret time spent with Me alone, for I AM your perfect lover.
Draw nigh to Me and I will draw nigh to you. Come sit and lay at My feet.
Linger with Me just a little while and your day will be so much more
bearable, less chaotic and even enjoyable!
Let Me just surround and totally cover you with My presence. Yes, you will feel My Spirit upon you, do not be afraid, trust Me. You will feel the weight of My glory descend upon you and I will cover you as I stand rejoicing and singing over you. Then I will anoint your head with My anointing oil, you will feel its warmth and you will be energized in your body, soul and spirit. I will pour into you the new wine of My Spirit, the oil of gladness, and My liquid love that shed abroad in your heart by My Spirit. The peace that I give is truly beyond anything this world has to offer. No fear, no yearning, no striving. When you are completely in My presence you will not desire anything else! That is how you know that you have truly been all the way into intimacy with Me, when you are full of love and peace. It is there that we become one and it is there that you are transformed and no words are necessary. Beloved, the time we share like this is what you will need to get you through the horrible dark times that are here and the even darker more chaotic times are right in front of you. You will transcend all of this if you heed My words. The storm will not be calmed until it runs its course but you will walk on the water with Me if you fear not.

 Be still and sit quietly at My feet and I will whisper in your ear, not sweet nothings, I will tell you things of importance that you have been wondering for a long time. When your mind is at at perfect peace is when I speak, not when your thoughts are racing to and fro. You must fix your spiritual eyes and ears on Me alone. I have special, specific instructions that I want to tell each one of you and this is how and where you will hear it. I cannot speak it though another person to you, you must hear the voice of My Spirit for yourself.
Have I not said, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."?
If you have my Spirit I speak to you whether you realize it or not, in the still, quiet time is where you will learn to discern My thoughts from your own. If you cannot discern them now, you will not be able to in the future, when all the power of hell is loosed upon this earth. DO NOT DELAY in practicing hearing My voice, for your earthly life will depend on it. The specific instructions that I will give you now and in the future should not be made known publicly, because it will be much easier for you if the enemy does not know them. If the enemy knows your specific plans, he will try with all of his might to come against them and the battle in the spirit will be much more severe and some will give up the fight.
As I have told you, this will require an act of faith on your part to step out and believe the thoughts and words that come from Me. Pray to Me and I will confirm them to you by My Holy Spirit that is inside of you. You must be totally immersed and baptized by My Spirit; ask Me for more each day and I will give more to you each day. Many of you have and will soon receive the gift of tongues and speaking in a heavenly prayer language as the Spirit gives utterance. The enemy cannot understand when you speak in tongues, he hates it! He will try to cause doubt and unbelief in you when you first step out and try it but you must have faith and persist. When you pray in the Spirit angels are dispatched and carry out my plans. Your spirit is edified and energized and you will have strength and boldness like never before.

 Beloved, I am am calling you to be set apart, holy, consecrated and sanctified before Me every day now. Yes, anoint your head with oil as a sign, not to Me only but to yourself and your enemies.
The enemy knows who are truly mine just as I do but by being pure and sinless the enemy has no way into your life. If the enemy has nothing in you, he cannot affect you. He still paces back and forth scheming how he can get at you. He will try to touch those closest to you who are not as strong as you, so you must pray for protection for your family and friends, as well as yourself, your household, your workplace and your ministry. The enemy will attack these areas if not protected by Me and My angels.
Repent of your sins known and unknown everyday.
Ask for My blood to cover you and wash you whiter than snow.
Believe for My hedge of protection like the one that surrounded Job.
It is a wall of My consuming Holy Spirit fire that the enemy dare not cross.
My angels await you to give them commands and aid you in many ways that you know not.
Be pure and holy without sin and all the doors in your life open to the enemy I will shut and
I will open doors and windows to heaven upon your life,
that My blessings and glory rain down upon you as you go about My kingdom work.
You were created by Me to do good works, which I have prepared beforehand that
you should walk in them.

Love Always and Forever,