Jesus is alive!

Jesus is alive!
When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere, light and life are released, and darkness and death FLEE!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Donald Trump is Not Who Most Think He Is

1-6 and 1-7-16

My dear children,
I love you all so much!
I speak to you because you listen to Me. You are the ones who hear My voice and obey My commandments, because of your deep love for Me. You have no ulterior motives behind your love for Me. You love just being in My presence, just being with Me and I always love having intimate time with My children. I died and resurrected so that all could have this relationship with Me again, like Adam and Eve had with Me in the garden of Eden, but very few take advantage of My sacrifice. Even the ones that do, have a hard time believing that I would talk to them daily, but I am always speaking, longing for you to listen and heed My call.

Beloved, I warn you now that everything is not as it seems in your world. Since the presidential election that took place in America the deception has multiplied exponentially. Most of those that were on their knees crying out to Me for Donald Trump to be elected have turned back to their old sinful ways. They have gotten what they wanted and now don't have time for Me. They break My heart! Even though I knew that they would turn back to their sin, I gave them another chance.
Let no man say that I am not merciful and gracious.

I gave them their Saul. I always give men what they think they want even though I have warned against it. I give men over to their sin, if they constantly reject My Spirit. Yes I hand men over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh so that their soul can be saved. Donald Trump is not who most think he is, he does not know me intimately, he is not born again of My Spirit. He has confessed for all to see, that he thinks that he has no need to repent of his sins, yet the religious leaders of America hold him up as their hope. I AM the one who their hope should be in. America will NOT be great again, for I AM the one that made her great and I will take her down and she will be humbled.

Please notice that I am no longer addressing them with a harsh rebuke because they disregard My pleas for them to return to Me in repentance. They love their man and he is an idol to them, because they see him as a way to keep their other idols, their wealth of this world. They love their easy way of life, the riches of this carnal realm and their best life now. Though I said that your life in this world would not be easy. In this world you shall have tribulation, if you truly follow me. If you are in love with Me, you overcome and transcend this world system of sin, rebellion and idolatry, because of the power I give you in the Spirit. Donald Trump shall be taken away so that they shall have yet another chance to return to Me in fervent repentance. The separation is still ongoing, and will continue until My return.

My remnant bride fills herself daily with the oil and the wine of My Spirit. She longs for more of Me every day and I AM with her always and soon the measure of My Spirit will increase beyond anything you have known and she will be transformed. You are the wise virgins, My pure ones, and you live holy lives before Me in the reverent fear of your God. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. You are awake and alert, with your lamp burning brightly for all to see. Your lamp and flask are full of oil because you know that I am returning soon. You know that your Beloved One would never lie to you, even though it seems like He has been gone for so long.
You are ready for My return!

The foolish virgins say in their heart "The Lord has delayed his return, we are tired of waiting, we will take a nap and when we arise from our sleep we will go and fill our lamps with oil." But I will come at an hour that they do not suspect. All the predictions and prognosticators do not know the hour or the day that I come, not one will be right, but when that day comes you will look back and say, "OH now I see!". All has been foretold in the scriptures and by My prophets. The days of darkness are getting ever darker and soon the darkness will be felt, this is why you must keep your lamp filled and have your flask filled also because there will be no time to go buy oil when I come.
It will happen quickly and without warning. I will be like a thief in the night to those who are not ready but to My wise virgins that day will be filled with joy and amazement as you see your beloved for the first time with your eyes.

My awake ones, please notice and take heed that all ten are called virgins. Do not allow yourself to go to sleep. I am warning you of this to ease your suffering, because once the door is shut none will enter into the wedding feast. If you are shut out, you will remain in the great tribulation to be purged from the filthiness and sin of the world and it will be very harsh. In the vernacular of your day, it will feel like a blowtorch and a wire brush when you are purified and cleansed from your imperfections and sins, if you don’t judge yourself and make yourself holy now. It will not be easy and many will not make it, though in that day all that call out My name, Jesus, Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yasu, Yeshu, Yesu, Isa, Jezusi, Chesús, Isuthi, Ісус, Yezus, Jeeshu, Jisu, Zeeshu, Jezuz, Yesu, Ježíš, Jezus, Jeesus, Hesús, Jisu, Xesús, Jezi, Jesu, Yexus, Yesus, Íosa, Iezusu, zesu, zezusu, Iisusu, Iesu, Gesù, Zjezus, Isho, Jasus, Isus, Иисус (Iisus), Gesùs, Ìosa, Ježiš, Zishu, 'Eesa, Giêsu, Iesu, uJesu, Iso or any other variant of My name will be saved! Yes I even answer to those who say God or Lord because I AM! For I see the intent of the heart when men cry out to Me. When one cries out to Me I know if he/she is sincere or not. For with the heart man believes (trusts in, clings to and relies on) in My name unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

I AM the Word, the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

I am My beloved's, and My beloved is mine!