Jesus is alive!

Jesus is alive!
When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere, light and life are released, and darkness and death FLEE!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2 Recent Dreams of Note

Here's the 2 small dreams I have had recently.
The first one I had Jan 8th 2017.
I saw a large dam ( maybe the Hoover dam I don't know ) and the water was rising so men began to built it higher and higher but the water kept on rising. It got to a point where the men could build the dam no higher and the water started spilling over the dam. Right then the dam exploded...
Dream over.

The second dream I had Jan 14th 2017.
I saw Obama and he was being led by 2 men that looked like secret service agents. He had one man under each of his arms and he was handcuffed. The men stood him in front a of another man who had a cream pie in his hand. The man with the cream pie threw it Obama's face. At the last possible second Obama ducked and it missed him. But to my surprise Donald Trump was standing behind him and he got hit in the face with the cream pie...
Dream over.

I have not gotten a definite interpretation of either of these dreams from the LORD but I believe that they may be from Him.
Please let me know if any of you have an interpretation of either one or both of these dreams.
Thank you and may the LORD bless you all with His wisdom and knowledge!
Jeff Byerly

PS - Please look in the comment section I have gotten some some excellent responses from some wonderful holy saints! If have confirmation or some thing else the Lord has given you please don't hesitate to write a comment. Thank you all so much!