Jesus is alive!

Jesus is alive!
When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere, light and life are released, and darkness and death FLEE!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Desire that You would Destroy the Works of the Devil, Not be Part of Them.


My children,

Do not hold any belief, doctrine or presumption higher than Me or even higher than your brothers and sisters.
I tell you that you do not know it all, you do not see the entire picture!
I can only reveal small pieces of what is to come through prophecy.
Each one is revealed a small part, and they are meant to fit together like a puzzle.
Have I not said that every one in My body has a place and a function?

Do not get into arguments over things that you don't know the outcome of.
Above all love Me and one another and everything else will work itself out.
Let no malice ,strife ,dissention ,foulness ,gossip or any evil thing come out of your mouth.
If what you are speaking is not in love ,it is SIN!
My wrath is poured out upon SIN!

My children, you are so close to the end of this age, I implore you to stay in the Spirit now.
Repent and turn away from the works of the flesh.
When you are in the flesh, the enemy has an open door to you, he seeks to destroy you.
I desire that you would destroy the works of the devil, not be part of them.

I come quickly!