Jesus is alive!

Jesus is alive!
When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere, light and life are released, and darkness and death FLEE!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Supernatural will Become Normal

Intercede for those that think that they are My bride.
Many, many, many think that they are My children but they have never truly given
their heart to Me and they do not know Me. They try to do My works in My name but I do not know them. (The Lord was saying that He has never been intimate or "One" with them) That is why it is
better to be hot or cold, because then one knows where they stand with Me. I AM speaking of the
"good" "moral" "upstanding" members of the community. They believe that they are good enough
, but I have said there is none good, no not one.

What is getting ready to happen to this world will cause many to come to Me in repentance.
They will come to Me with a truly broken heart and I will except them. They see that the "churches"
were not preaching the full gospel. Yes revival will come once again to the "Westernized" countries
of the world but nothing will be as it now is. Know that I will take care of My own, My wrath is not upon them. I cannot stand the sins of this America anymore, it has far surpassed those of Sodom and Gomorrah. If it were not for My grace and mercy and the few that truly do follow Me, I would have allowed for the destruction of your "once great nation" long ago. The last straw will be when America turns its back on Israel and splits MY LAND and MY HOLY CITY Jerusalem.

Watch the one who calls himself " The Vicar of Christ" He does not speak for My people, he is a deceiver and knows exactly what he is doing. Be sober and stay as close to Me as possible, I AM
your only haven of safety.
Many of My people are saying that I AM doing a new thing, but I tell you the truth, I AM the everlasting, true God and I change Not. My people are in for a great change though, especially in America. When the world is stripped from stripped from you, then you will truly be free to love and
serve Me. It is the only way! If I were to return right now for My bride, the small amount of people that would go with Me would shock you.
I want to use My bride in this last great harvest. Will you join Me?
I promise that you will be filled with more of My Holy Spirit than anyone ever has at any point in
the history of man. the choice is yours, I never force anyone. I love you and I long for you to commune with Me Always, not just in your "prayer" or "devotion" time. I WANT IT ALL.
Believe Me child I will make it worth your while. Signs and wonders, miracles, healings, restorations and deliverances will follow. The supernatural will become Normal.
Always enter in with Me through worship and humble yourself. I always give grace to the humble. No matter how bad things look in this world, I will always be with you, even though you can't feel Me at times. I will be with you until the very end, and then throughout eternity you will be with Me.
What I have in store for you is so glorious that your earthly mind cannot conceive it.
Remember I long to be with you always.
Long for Me My bride!